Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lace knitting - are you kidding?

I'm always on the lookout for projects that allow me to gain new knitting skills and Jared Flood's Autumn Leaves Stole, that stole my heart, seemed like just the thing!  And to be sure it has been - long tail cast on method (I'm hooked) and the charts (so visual) - but oh the lace!  It's hard. Not Jared's fault.  His pattern is delightful and clear.  And not the stitches either, that are very basic.  It's just my first trial with the stitch by stitch variations of lace and its requisite counting and thinking.  This process is not one of meditation, which I've now come to know has drawn me to the craft, but rather one of complete attention.  Of being there for each stitch and its sequence with the one before and the other one after, and on and on.  Chances are I'll incorporate knitted lace in an upcoming piece since it's too beautiful to ignore, but to preserve sanity I think it will be done in tandem with another - one that allows background noise and mindful wanderings.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hilda submitted

Well, Quince & Co. never responded so I submitted my Hilda design to Knitty on March 29th.  Looking for meaning and calling on guardian angels, I chose this date because it was my grandmother Mildred's birthday.  I was happy to see it on my calendar as I was making my decision.  A sign?  She would have been 110.  Hilda was Mildred's sister.  Another sign :).  Now Knitty has 3 of my designs - Hilda, Hattie, and Martha - for potential  publication. Surrounded by these kindred spirits we shall see, but taking things as they come, I'm at work on my website.  More about that soon.