Saturday, December 31, 2011

Johanna twice

Just under the wire for 2011, here we are wearing Johanna.  Juliet's in her black and white randomly striped version and I'm in the very textural diamond brocade – or winter lace as I've come to think of it.  Both have been knit with Quince & Co.'s delightful chickadee wool.

Pattern will be posted on Ravelry by tomorrow – if the Fates allow – though I'll likely toast its launch tonight!  I just can't wait.

Thank you family, friends, and Ravelry fans, for inspiration, motivation, and support.  It's been a fun year of happy knitting.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter lace?

Here's a peek at my next piece, Johanna, named for my grandmother's grandmother.  

I just love the delicate texture of this diamond brocade that feels like lace to me without the holes.  Juliet and I collaborated on the sweater design, but she wanted stripes – random stripes! and although her wish is my command I feared random stripes might intimidate prospective knitters especially in light of shaping and buttoned cuffs. (I'll admit to being a bit intimidated myself!)  So I've made her version first, serving the groundwork for dimensions and sizing.  It looks fabulous on her and we'll certainly get a picture during our next photo shoot.  Meanwhile my work continues, happily, on this – aiming for a December pattern launch. Stay tuned!