Thursday, February 23, 2012

For you, Nelly.

Nelly was my dad's aunt and I was a little girl when I knew her.  She sold newspapers in the underground subway station at Park Street in Boston.  It's not likely she ever had a sweater as nice as this, but she certainly deserved one.  For you, Nelly.

This is a slim fitted, lace covered pullover. Its narrow sleeves are generously long. The lace, named alternating leaf, is an easily mastered 10 stitch by 12 row repeat.  Pieces are knit flat, bottom up, with seaming.

Click here for pattern details.

You'll find this pattern for sale on Ravelry.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On the road to find out

This alternating leaf lace broke my heart at first.  I just loved its clarity and subtlety, but the 3 extra stitches in the repeat created havoc in the texture when I attempted to revise the count to avoid them.  Why this happened I could not say.  After several days of failed swatching I thought about giving up and changing to another pattern.  But I persisted. 

And hooray!  I made it work!

For my new piece I'll be applying this lace to the bodice styling of Agnes sort of.  Nelly will have a slimmer hip-line, no waist rib, be slightly shorter in length, and...  well, I just let each design lead me to the next.  And I just love this lace.  Can't wait!