Monday, March 19, 2012

Taking stock

About a year ago, when I first started designing knits for publication, I thought about what to name my patterns.  Up until this time I had titled them simply as cardigan with three-quarter sleeves..  and I knew this wouldn't do.  Then it came to me and I named the first for my mother, Marlene.  This felt right.  The work is quite personal for me after all, and a family affair with daughter Juliet as top model!  I continued this convention with each new design that followed, tapping my maternal family tree – a project researched initially by great aunt Hilda, an MIT librarian in her day. 

Here's my first set of designs, in chronological order by namesake.
great great grandmother, Johanna great grandmother, Martha great great aunt, Louise
great great aunt, Augusta - aka Gussie great great aunt, Florence - aka Flossie great great aunt, Emma
great great aunt, Harriet - aka Hattie great great aunt, Dorothy great aunt, Hilda
grandmother, Mildred grandmother, May and finally mum, Marlene
I'm on to dad's family now and when I look at my pattern list on Ravelry I feel surrounded by kindred spirits kind of like a group hug :).


  1. Lovely to name your designs for women in your family! I have started that and am still trying to get around to everyone. What always stalls me is trying to match the style of the design to the person for whom it's named. I love all the old-fashioned names, by the way, like Florence and Mildred. So sweet. Your designs are gorgeous, Deb.

    1. Oh Fig, so nice to hear. Thank you for your comment. I agree that matching the style to the person would be an added challenge - one that I didn't take on :). But wouldn't it have been ideal! With ancestors perhaps it's just easier to assume their hands guide me during planning, LOL.