Friday, June 8, 2012

Colors – Oy

I took a ride yesterday to Portland Maine to visit the KnitWit Yarn Shop for hands-on review and RE-selection of colors chosen for my latest piece – Margareta, a 2-color tee.  While Quince & Co. is delightfully convenient for online ordering and I wouldn't be without their swatch booklet, after thoughtful selection from it of color pairs (I chose a few), when they came in I knew the set selected for this piece wasn't going to work out.  I needed face-to-skein time with the actual wool. Fortunately for me the Quince line is now available at a this LYS (okay, not local to me from Brookline Mass but I was up for a road trip and I do love Portland).

While each color is delightful by itself, pairing it with another took on an unexpected, increased level of difficulty.  Twig, my original choice, needs something bright as compliment, not something of the same color value as was my first thought. (By the way twig is more brown than represented here on the chart, at least on my monitor.)  Once I had skeins in hand I also saw I wanted to keep the new color warm since twig is toasty. So, after deliberation...

I chose egret. Yes, I know.. not very adventurous, but it served the issues raised and I find it to be rather classic in a Calvin Klein sort of way.

While I was there I picked up several more skeins of frost and honey – each way more beautiful in person. Can't wait to get at these, but first things first.  Thank you KnitWit Yarn Shop for providing a friendly and helpful visit.  I'll be back.

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