Sunday, December 30, 2012

Photo shoot

Winter's here so photography can be challenging.  I decided to give interior shots another go.

Following is Anne underway a delightful sweater vest.  The belt was a Christmas gift from Juliet.  Its yellow is the same as the flecks in Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter wool, colors Sap and Foothills the reason they worked well together and the reason I chose them for this project.  How did she know?

Pattern release forthcoming.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jane cowl series – an ebook

Agnes was the name of my grandmother, matriarch of dad's family, and also of her third daughter, my aunt.  Turns out they shared Jane as their middle names too – who knew! Happily, me now, thanks to dad's work on his family tree.

Keeping spirits alive, I'm pleased to introduce my Jane Cowl Series, namesake of the Agnes Janes.

Dubbed an ebook because it contains 3 patterns, I launched this cowl set yesterday on Ravelry. Pattern details may be found there – or here, here, and here on my new website:! I hope you'll visit.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Jane cowl series – grand cowl preview

We're having an unseasonably warm day here in Boston so I persuaded Pete to take some preview photos of my Jane Grand Cowl, the first of 3 in my Jane Cowl series. This simple sheath took a few trials to get the shaping just right, but boy am I happy with the result.  Wear it around your neck as a regular lacy scarf,

 or slip it over your shoulders for some extra stylish fun.

Yum, huh?  I hope to get this, along with the Little Loop and Double Loop versions published very soon for Ravelry sale.  Pattern writing is underway!